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OSRS Birthday Event 2020 Guide: Fast Walkthrough & Rewards

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OSRS Birthday event 2020 has started on February 20th to celebrate the game anniversary. This year you will help to cheer Juliet up after the events of Romeo & Juliet.

OSRS Birthday event 2020 walkthrough

1. Head to Juliet's house west of Varrock Square, southeast of the Cooks' Guild. Find Juliet OSRS and speak to her.
2. Enter the room to the east and speak to Phillipa.
3. Head to Thessalia's Fine Clothes and speak to Iffie.
4. Head to Gertrude's house and take Gertrude's comb.
5. Use the Gertrude's comb on Gertrude or a pet cat and get loose cat hair.
6. Speak to Iffie again to get cat ears OSRS.
7. Return to Juliet. Wear the cat ears and then talk to her.
8. Perform happy emotes (such as dance, jig, or spin) to make Juliet happy (do not repeat the same emote twice in a row). OSRS 7th Birthday event complete!

Rewards from OSRS Birthday event 2020

You can get the following new rewards by completing OSRS 7th Birthday event:
-OSRS Cat ears
-2 noted Half full wine jug
In addition, you will obtain all previous birthday event rewards, such as OSRS war ship, birthday cake, etc. Here is the list of these rewards:
Birthday cake
Prop sword
Cow outfit
War ship
Gnome child hat
4th birthday hat
Birthday balloons
Crazy dance emote
Smooth dance emote

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