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Learn OSRS Blowpipe Nerf 2021 Details with Proposed Changes

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Toxic Blowpipe nerf has been proposed as a part of OSRS equipment rebalancing. Its stats and darts' stats will be changed with this OSRS Blowpipe nerf.

Why is OSRS Blowpipe nerf proposed?

According to the latest Equipment Rebalancing official news post, the develop team intended an Attack speed of 3 game cycles when the Blowpipe was originally polled. Due to the oversight with its introduction, it was released with an Attack speed of 2 game cycles when using the Rapid Attack style.
The team would not alter the Attack speed of the Toxic Blowpipe as it will completely change the gameplay. Therefore, they propose to make OSRS BP nerf rather than remove it altogether.

Proposed stats after OSRS Blowpipe nerf

The proposed stats of the Toxic Blowpipe have been revealed in the blog. Here are the proposed changes for charged Toxic Blowpipe:
Attack bonuses - Ranged: 60→30
Other bonuses - Ranged Strength: 40→25

Darts proposed stats with OSRS BP nerf

The stats of the following darts are also proposed to be rebalanced:
Bronze Dart: (Accuracy) 3→2 (Strength) 1
Iron Dart: (Accuracy) 4→3 (Strength) 3→2
Steel Dart: (Accuracy) 5→4 (Strength) 4→3
Black Dart: (Accuracy) 7→5 (Strength) 6→4
Mithril Dart: (Accuracy) 8→6 (Strength) 7→6
Adamant Dart: (Accuracy) 11→7 (Strength) 10→8
Rune Dart: (Accuracy) 15→11 (Strength) 14
Dragon dart: (Accuracy) 18→15 (Strength) 20

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The RSorder Team

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