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OSRS Bounty Crate Now Unavailable Due to Excessive Farming

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The Bounty crate used to be purchased from the Bounty Hunter shop. However, now it becomes temporarily unavailable and will be available again with update in the future.

OSRS Bounty crate unavailable for purchase

According to the official Tweet on November 11th, OSRS Bounty Hunter crate is now temporarily unavailable to purchase in the Bounty Hunter shop. This change is made due to excessive farming in the minigame.
In the next update or two, the develop team hopes to offer a more suitable version of the Bounty crate that will be less vulnerable to farming. The exact date of this update has not been confirmed, and we will update our news if there is new information on OSRS Bounty crate.

OSRS Bounty Hunter changes in November 2019

The following changes have been made to Bounty Hunter on November 7th:
1. The Bounty Hunter interface has been updated, which now gives more details about the target and other minigame-related info.
2. Points cannot be granted from exchanging mysterious emblems. They are earned from killing targets.
3. Mysterious emblems that existed prior to October 17th were transformed into archaic emblems, which can still be exchanged to buy items from the original Bounty Hunter Shop.
4. Bounty Tasks have been added, which gives additional points if successfully completed.
5. Bounty Hunter Hotspots have been added, which gives additional benefits if killing targets there.
6. New items have been added to the store: bounty target teleports, decorative emblems and bounty hunter hats.

We will update our news if there is something new about OSRS Bounty Hunter crate. Besides, RSorder can be your top choice to buy OSRS gold with 5% free bonus.

The RSorder Team

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