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OSRS Cape of Skulls & More Coming in Treasure Trails Expansion

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Recently, the official team has planned to vote for a selection of new rewards (like RuneScape Cape of Skulls, Spiked Manacles, Blessed D'hide Shields...) to be added in the Treasure Trail Expansion, . There are also rewards like Gilded Dragonhide Set to be added directly.

Cape of Skulls & more for poll

The following item are prepared for the upcoming poll from Mar. 8 to Mar. 11 before they are added in the Treasure Trail Expansion.
Cape of skill
Effect: skull the player when worn (lasting 20 min after unequipped). Possess the same stats as an Obsidian Cape.
Spiked Manacles (footwear slot)
Effect: Similar stats as Climbing boots but with a +4 strength bonus and no defence bonuses or quest requirement.
Blessed D'hide Shields
Effect: Similar stats as Black d'hide shield but with +1 prayer bonus.
Fremennik Kilt
Similar stats as Iron platelegs but with +1 strength bonus.
3rd Age Druidic Set
Final set in the 3rd age set, including a 3rd Age Druidic top, which gives +8 Prayer, and 3rd Age Druidic bottoms, which gives +6 Prayer.

Learn Gilded Dragonhide Set & more to be added

At the addition of Treasure Trails expansion, a selection of cosmetic items and items matching stats of existing items with similar requirements, like Uri's Hat, Gilded Dragonhide Set, Wolf Mask and Cape, Gilded Hatchet and Pickaxe, etc.. These new items will not be included in the upcoming poll. Instead, they will be later directly added in your reward casket as part of the Treasure Trails expansion and distributed across all tiers of clue scroll.

Offer your ideas for RuneScape Cape of Skulls, Spiked Manacles in Treasure Trail Expansion. And get ready to enjoy the Gilded Dragonhide Set, and Wolf Mask and Cape with OSRS gold for sale from us.

The RSorder Team

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