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OSRS Client of Kourend Guide: Fast Walkthrough & Rewards

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The Novice Old School quest Client of Kourend requires players to visit every city in Great Kourend. Here is a guide for the Client of Kourend OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and get rewards including the Kourend favour certificate.

Requirement of Client of Kourend OSRS

OSRS Client of Kourend is the first quest involving the kingdom of Great Kourend. There is no level requirement to do this quest, but a feather is necessary as a required item. The feather can be obtained from Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim, and in OSRS Twisted League you can easily get a feature by killing a Chicken in North-west Hosidius.

Client of Kourend OSRS fast walkthrough

1. To start the Client of Kourend quest, talk to Veos at the northernmost dock of Port Sarim and travel to Port Piscarilius. Once there, talk to Veos again and get an enchanted scroll.
2. Use a feather on the enchanted scroll to create an enchanted quill.
3. With the enchanted quill in the inventory, talk to the following store owners about their city and gaining favour:
Leenz from Port Piscarilius
Jennifer from Shayzien
Horace from Hosidius
Munty from Lovakengj
Regath from Arceuus
4. Return to Veos after talking to all store owners.
5. Reach the Wintertodt Camp via a games necklace and find the Dark Altar. Then activate the mysterious orb near the Dark Altar.
6. Return to Veos in Port Piscarilius. Quest complete!

Rewards gained from Client of Kourend quest

After completing the Client of Kourend, you can obtain the following rewards:
1 Quest point
2 antique lamps, offering 500 XP each in a chosen skill
Kourend favour certificate, granting 20% favour in a city of your choosing
Kharedst's memoirs

You can also read our OSRS Twisted League guide after completing the Client of Kourend quest. In addition, come to our site and easily get some cheap OSRS gold with 5% free bonus.

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