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OSRS Crazy Archaeologist Guide: Fighting Strategies & Drops

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Bellock, also known as the crazy archaeologist, is a demi-boss that drops one of three shards of the Malediction ward and Odium ward. Here is our crazy archaeologist guide with the general information, some useful strategies and drops.

General information on crazy archaeologist

OSRS crazy archaeologist is an insane individual and demi-boss, who can be found in the ruins south of The Forgotten Cemetery. To get there, you can use the spell Dareeyak Teleport from the Ancient Magicks spellbook with 78 Magic, or use a Dareeyak teleport tablet.
The crazy archaeologist can be assigned by Krystilia, Konar, Nieve and Duradel for a slayer task.

Strategies for OSRS crazy archaeologist

OSRS Bellock the crazy archaeologist uses Ranged and Melee attacks, and he can perform a special attack where he throws explosive books that explode in a 3x3 area. He has a weakness to Magic due to his negligible Magic level.
Here are some strategies for fighting against the crazy archaeologist:
1. The crazy archaeologist performs the special attack of explosive books when saying, "Rain of knowledge!" To avoid it, you’d better keep a considerable distance and run towards him until you are two squares away from it. The same steps can be repeated over and over.
2. Magic armour is recommended to use with the Trident of the seas.
3. You can also choose to use high Ranged Defence armourwith a Zamorakian hasta or Abyssal whip along side with the Protect from Melee prayer.

Drops from OSRS crazy archaeologist

Bellock is one of the three Wilderness bosses that may drop Malediction shard 2 and Odium shard 2. There is also a chance to obtain the following weapons and armour by defeating the crazy archaeologist:
Amulet of power
Rune crossbow
Red d'hide body
Rune knife

Hope this OSRS crazy archaeologist guide can help you to defeat this boss easily. Moreover, RSorder can be your top choice to buy OSRS gold and others safely.

The RSorder Team

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