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OSRS Darkmeyer: City Accessible with Sins of the Father Quest

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It has been confirmed that the capital city of Morytania, OSRS Darkmeyer, will be accessible with the release of Sins of the Father quest. There you will face vampires with different classes, enter the Hallowed Sepulchre and enjoy other activities.

OSRS Darkmeyer inhabited by vampyres

Darkmeyer is the capital city of Morytania, located in the Sanguinesti region. The city is currently inaccessible. Completion of the upcoming Sins of the Father OSRS quest is required to access this city, which is confirmed at Runefest 2019.
OSRS Darkmeyer
The city of OSRS Darkmeyer is split into 3 tiers, each home to a different class of vampire:
1st tier: vampyre juveniles and vampyre juvinates.
2nd tier: Vyrewatch, Elite Vyrewatch, vyrelords and vyreladies. Pickpocketing Vyrelords and Vyreladies requires 60 Thieving, which will roll on a new loot table including the unique Blood Shard OSRS. Elite Vyrewatch OSRS can be killed for an improved loot table.
3rd tier: Elite Vyrewatch, vyrelords and vyreladies.

Essence Mine in OSRS Darkmeyer city

There will be a Darkmeyer’s mine in Darkmeyer which allows you to mine raw daeyalt with at least 75 Mining. The active deposit can be mined to get daeyalt shards, which can be converted to into the daeyalt essence. Daeyalt essence can be used anywhere that pure essence can, offering 50% more Runecraft XP.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre & Hallowed Mark

The Hallowed Sepulchre can be found in the city of Darkmeyer. When you enter the Hallowed Sepulchre, you will be given a limited amount of time to raid the crypt, filled with tombs that you can search to steal items from. There will be a new loot table, with a chance of obtaining OSRS Hallowed Mark.
The sepulchre is made up of five levels, and each requires a higher Agility level to access:
Level 1: 52 Agility
Level 2: 62 Agility
Level 3: 72 Agility
Level 4: 82 Agility
Level 5: 92 Agility

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