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OSRS Fremennik Exiles Quest: Helmet & Shield Design Revealed

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The Fremennik Exiles OSRS is an upcoming quest which was announced on RuneFest 2017. Currently the designs of the Fremennik Exiles helmet and shield have been officially revealed.

Design of OSRS Fremennik Exiles helmet & shield

The Old School RS team has revealed its designs for the new Fremennik Exiles OSRS quest on Twitter. Here are designs of the new helmet and shield:
OSRS Fremennik Exiles helmet
OSRS Fremennik Exiles shield
OSRS Fremennik Exiles is a new Fremennik quest which is developed by Mod Wolf and Mod Ed. The quest will be a master one with the medium length. According to the current design, there is a V on the new Fremennik Exiles Shield, which is a symbol of a Fremennik god called V (true name unknown).
More details of the Fremennik Exiles quest rewards will be revealed in the blog this week.

Requirements of the Fremennik Exiles OSRS

The quest requirements of the Fremennik Exiles were revealed previously, which may be changed before the quest is released:
1. Completion of the following quests:
The Fremennik Isles
Lunar Diplomacy
Mountain Daughter
Heroes’ Quest
2. Skill requirements:
Level 65 Crafting
Level 60 Slayer
Level 60 Smithing
Level 60 Fishing
Level 55 Runecraft

We will update our news if there is more information on OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest. If you want to buy cheap OSRS gold, come to RSorder at any time and enjoy the 5% free bonus.

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