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OSRS Ghrazi Rapier Guide: How to Obtain & Use the Rapier?

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As a stab weapon, the Ghrazi rapier OSRS can be useful for players due to its high strength and stab bonus. Here is a Ghrazi rapier guide to help you learn how to obtain and use this rapier weapon.

Bonuses & features of Ghrazi rapier OSRS

OSRS Ghrazi rapier is a stab weapon requiring level 75 Attack to wield. Here are bonuses of the Ghrazi rapier:
Ghrazi rapier OSRS
The Ghrazi rapier has high strength and stab bonus, in addition to not degrading unlike the Abyssal tentacle. For general use, the Ghrazi rapier can be tied with the Blade of saeldor for the melee weapon with the highest damage output. However, the scythe of vitur OSRS may be a better choice when fighting against large monsters.

How can you obtain Ghrazi rapier OSRS?

The Ghrazi rapier is one of the unique drops from OSRS Theatre of Blood, the large arena beneath the castle of Ver Sinhaza. Without any deaths, there is a 1/9.1 chance of a unique reward across the team, and dying will decrease this chance. The MVP is the most likely to receive the unique reward.
Besides the Ghrazi rapier, there is also a chance to obtain the following unique drops from Theatre of Blood:
Avernic defender hilt
Sanguinesti staff (uncharged)
Justiciar faceguard
Justiciar chestguard
Justiciar legguards
Scythe of vitur (uncharged)

Hope our Ghrazi rapier OSRS guide can help you know more about this weapon. Moreover, we offer the safest OSRS gold for sale all the time with 24/7 live service.

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