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OSRS Greater Demon Guide: Locations, Slayer Masters & Drops

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Greater demons are large demonic monsters in Old School RS. Here is our OSRS greater demon guide to help you learn its locations, drops and more.

Locations of OSRS greater demon

Here you could learn locations of greater demons OSRS:
Brimhaven Dungeon upper level (level: 92)
Catacombs of Kourend (level: 100, 101, 113)
Chasm of Fire (Slayer task only) (level: 92)
Entrana Dungeon (level: 92)
Karuulm Slayer Dungeon (level: 92)
Lava Maze Dungeon (level: 92)
Ogre Enclave (level: 92)
Sisterhood Sanctuary (level: 92)
Wilderness near Demonic Ruins (level: 92)
Wilderness Slayer Cave (level: 104)

Slayer masters for greater demon task OSRS

Greater demon tasks can be assigned by the following slayer masters:
Krystilia (in Edgeville's jail north-east of the bank)
Chaeldar (in the throne room of Zanaris)
Konar quo Maten (in the Kahlith settlement on the summit of Mount Karuulm)
Nieve (in the Tree Gnome Stronghold)
Duradel (in Shilo Village)

Drops of greater demons OSRS

The greater demon is well known for the rune full helm and hard clue scroll drops.
The rune full helm OSRS is the best full helmet available to F2P players excluding Rune god armour full helmets that provide +1 Prayer bonus. Equipping the rune full helm requires 40 Defence. The helm can be created with two runite bars at 92 Smithing, which will grant 150 Smithing experience.

Hope this guide can help you know more about OSRS greater demon. Additionally, you could buy OSRS gold with 5% free bonus from our site.

The RSorder Team

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