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OSRS Grim Tales Guide: Quest Requirements & Fast Walkthrough

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The master Old School quest Grim Tales requires players to get two rare items for Sylas in return for his magic beans. Here is a guide for the Grim Tales OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Requirements of Grim Tales OSRS quest

OSRS Grim Tales is a Master quest with the following requirements:
Completion of Witch’s House
45 Farming (boostable)
52 Herblore (boostable)
58 Thieving (boostable)
59 Agility (boostable) (needed twice)
71 Woodcutting (boostable)
Ability to defeat a level 138 cloud giant Glod OSRS

Grim Tales OSRS quest fast walkthrough

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1. To start the Grim Tales quest, speak to Sylas south of the POH portal in Taverley.
2. Head to the NE side of White Wolf Mountain and talk to Grimgnash the griffin. Steal a feather from the pile next to Grimgnash’s nest once he is asleep. Then return to Sylas with the feather.
3. Head to the stone tower south of the mind altar. Climb over the crumbling wall, and talk-into to the drain pipe twice.
4. Climb the beard and talk to Rupert the Beard. Then climb down and speak to Miazrqa behind the tower.
5. Head to the basement of the Witch’s House in Taverley. Go to the piano there and play the notes EFEDC on the right and then AEGA on the left. Then Search the piano.
6. Read the shrinking recipe, use the tarromin with 2 vials of water, and add the ogleroot to unfinished potions. Then go upstairs and drink a shrinking potion by the mouse hole.
7. Go through several nail walls:
Climb up the nails to the north-east.
Climb up the nails to the south-west.
Climb up the nails to the south.
Climb down the nails to the north-east.
Climb up the nails to the north-east.
8. Get the Miazrqa’s pendant and give it to Miazrqa. Then talk to Rupert and return to Sylas with the helmet.
9. Plant and water the beans in the special patch south-east of Taverley. Climb up the beanstalk.
10. Fight against Glod OSRS. It is not difficult to defeat Glod if you have high melee, Ranged, or Magic levels. If you have low melee stats, Ranged and Magic are good choices.
11. Get the golden goblin and take it back to Sylas.
12. Use a shrinking potion on the beanstalk and then chop it down. Go back to Sylas. Quest complete!

Hope this guide can help you complete the Grim Tales OSRS quest. In addition, you could come to our site and easily get some cheap OSRS gold with 100% security.

The RSorder Team

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