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OSRS Holy Grail Guide: Quest Requirements & Fast Walkthrough

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The Intermediate Old School quest Holy Grail requires players to help King Arthur in Camelot find the holy grail. Here is a guide for OSRS Holy Grail quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Requirements of OSRS Holy Grail quest

OSRS Holy Grail is an Intermediate quest with the following requirements:
Completion of Merlin’s Crystal
20 Attack (to wield Excalibur)
Item: Excalibur

OSRS Holy Grail quest fast walkthrough

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1. To start the Grim Tales quest, speak to King Arthur in Camelot. Then talk to Merlin on the 1st floor of Camelot Castle.
2. Travel to Entrana without any weapons or armour. Talk to the High Priest in the church.
3. Return to Camelot. Head to the small building west of McGrubor’s Wood, and talk to Galahad to get a holy table napkin.
4. Head to the top floor of Draynor Manor and pick up 2 magic whistles in the southern room.
5. Head to north-west of Brimhaven and go to the north-western peninsula. Go under the tower and blow a magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher Realm.
6. Speak to the Fisher King. Fight the Black Knight Titan and kill it with Excalibur.
7. Cross the bridge and head south along the river to find a Fisherman. Speak to him.
8. Head to the castle, find a Grail bell from the ground and ring it. Then go upstairs and speak to the Fisher King.
9. Head to Camelot. Talk to King Arthur and get a magic gold feather.
10. Travel to Goblin Village. Head into the east house and open the sacks. Then talk to Sir Percival.
11. Head back to the Fisher King’s Realm    . Head to where the Fisher King should have been.
12. Head to the top floor of the eastern tower and take a Holy Grail.
13. Head back to King Arthur and talk to him. Quest complete!

Hope this guide can help you complete OSRS Holy Grail quest. In addition, you could come to our site and easily get some cheap OSRS gold with 100% security.

The RSorder Team

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