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OSRS Isle of Souls Proposed to Update with New Dungeon & More

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It has been revealed that the develop team plans to update the Isle of Souls OSRS. New contents will include skilling resources, Isle of Souls Dungeon, Crumbling Tower and more.

Skilling resources for Isle of Souls OSRS

According to the latest official Poll 74 Game Improvements Blog, the Isle of Souls is proposed to be updated so that it is accessible to players and includes skilling resources and NPCs. Here are the details:
1. Trees
There will be regular trees scattered across the island, including Maple trees, Yew trees, Teak trees and Mahogany trees.
2. Rocks
There will be one central mine that contains Soft clay, Copper, Tin, Iron, Silver, Gold, Coal and Mithril.
3. Fishing
There will be 3 Fishing locations along the island's coastline, which can be used to fish Shrimp / Anchovies, Lobster / Swordfish / Tuna and Shark / Mackerel / Cod / Bass.
4. Hunter
There will be 3 Hunter locations where Crimson swifts, Copper longtails and Grey chinchompas can be found.
5. Monsters / NPCs
There are a variety of monsters including Sand crabs, Moss giants, Pyrefiends, Unicorn, Chickens and Cows.
6. Buildable Amenities
Buildable pottery wheel and Buildable Spinning Wheel
7. Clue Scrolls

OSRS Isle of Souls Dungeon proposed

There will be OSRS Isle of Souls Dungeon to the East of Soul Wars. The Isle of Souls Dungeon will have a variety of monsters that can be assigned by Konar, including Skeletons, Lesser demons, Greater demons, Fire giants, Blue dragons, Baby blue dragons and Iron dragon. The end of the dungeon will include 2 Adamantite and 1 Runite rocks to mine.
In addition, a Thieving chest may also be added towards the end of the dungeon. The Thieving chest can be looted for 150 Thieving experience and a number of items.

OSRS Crumbling Tower proposed

OSRS Crumbling Tower including 10 forgotten souls may also be added. 10 forgotten souls are new ghosts that act similarly to chaos druids but are slightly stronger and have a marginally improved loot table. The tower include a basement with four chests that are unlocked by using an Old Key on them.

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