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OSRS Konar's Drop Table Rebalanced with Mystic Robes & More

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The OSRS team has been collecting feedback from players and making adjustments accordingly after the release of Kobos Lowlands. Lately, they have announced a Konar’s Drop Table balancing on contents like new Mystic Robes. 

Main changes in Konar’s Drop Table

In response to the feedback collected, OSRS team makes some small changes on Konar's drop table for this weekend. Here are the main contents effected by the balancing. 
1.Pieces of new Mystic set, including top, bottom, gloves, boots and hat, added.
2.2,500 Saradomin brews, a high valued rare drop, removed soon after release.
3.A potential drop of Coins (with quantity of 52,000–150,000) added.
4.Alchables Rune armour (like Rune platebody) with a stable value added to spread the value of the drops more evenly.
5.Seeds like Dragonfruit tree seed, Redwood tree seed added to replace high value herb drops.
6.The fish drop added to replace raw shark drop.

Konar’ s Drop Table balancing and future adjustments calling for your feedback

This week’s balancing causes a reduction in the quantity of drops, especially high value drops, leading to a 30% drop in the average value of rolling on Konar's loot table. Additionally, there will be further adjustments next week, where you might see Konar’ s equipment added in the table. All of these changes are calling for your feedback to be settled.

Give your feedback on the above changes on new OSRS Mystic Robes and other contents. With the help of your advice, the future Konar’ s Drop Table will surely be satisfying. And if you need more cheap OSRS gold for your slayer tasks, just come to us.

The RSorder Team

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