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OSRS Last Man Standing: Staff of Balance & Other Reward Details

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After betas and the reward poll, the revamped Last Man Standing OSRS has been released in game. Here you could learn the details of new rewards in OSRS LMS.

Trouver Parchment: new consumable scroll

OSRS Trouver Parchment can offer to enchant one of the items (normally repaired for a fee) when it is taken to Perdu. This enchantment enables you to take the item above 20 wilderness and not have it destroyed on death. The cost of each OSRS trouver parchment is 50 points.

Guthixian Icon & OSRS Staff of Balance

You can purchase OSRS Guthixian icon and hand it in to Juna, which can be infused into a Staff of the Dead to create the Staff of Balance. OSRS Staff of Balance has the same stats as the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead, and it can cast or autocast Claws of Guthix. The icon costs 500 points.
OSRS Staff of Balance

OSRS Ancient Halo & other 4 new halos

5 new halos have been added to OSRS Last Man Standing Reward Shop, including the Armadyl halo, Bandos halo, Seren halo, Ancient halo and Brassica halo. These halos have the same stats as the existing halos, which can be stored in the POH costume room. Each halo costs 450 points.

Other OSRS Last Man Standing rewards

Besides the rewards we have mentioned above, you can also find the following OSRS LMS rewards:
Swift Blade: attack every 3 cycles and be one handed with no stats. It costs 350 points.
Deadman Cosmetic Armour: consists of the chest, legs, and cape with no stats. Each piece costs 160 points.
Victor’s cape: tiered capes from the Last Man Standing Reward Shop. These Victor’s capes will change based on the number of competitive wins inside the minigame.

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The RSorder Team

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