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OSRS Mahogany Homes: New Way Proposed for Construction Training

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Mahogany Homes has been revealed to be an alternative way to train Construction. Here you could learn the requirements, gameplay and rewards of the proposed OSRS Mahogany Homes.

OSRS Mahogany Homes requirements

According to the “Mahogany Homes” official news post, Mahogany Homes is available from the beginning of the Construction skill. You only need to have your own Player Owned House. The Player Owned House can be bought from a Real Estate Agent for1,000 GP.

How to enjoy Mahogany Homes OSRS?

First you need to head to an Estate Agent to get started, and there you will be provided with a Construction job. The job comes in four tiers, which is tied to your Construction level and materials required:
Beginner (Level 1 Construction) - Materials: Regular Planks
Novice (Level 20 Construction) - Materials: Oak Planks
Adept (Level 50 Construction) - Materials: Teak Planks
Expert (Level 70+ Construction) - Materials: Mahogany Planks
All Construction jobs will assign you to a random NPC in the town that the Mahogany Home offices are located in. If you complete the job and make the NPC satisfied, you will get the reward including OSRS Carpenter Points and Construction XP. Then you could return to the Mahogany Homes office and get your next job. 

Rewards gained by OSRS Carpenter Points

The Carpenter Points you earned can be used to exchange for some new rewards in the Mahogany Homes Reward Shop:
Carpenter's Outfit
Plank Sack
Equippable Saw
Hosidius Wall Kit
Construction Supply Crate
You could learn details of these OSRS Mahogany Homes Rewards if you have interests.

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