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OSRS Ring of Life Guide: Learn How to Get & Use the Ring

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Ring of life is an item only available for members in Old School RS. Here is our OSRS ring of life guide to help you learn how to obtain and use this ring.

Where can you get OSRS ring of life?

OSRS ring of life can be obtained through the following ways:
-Dropped from the Chaos Fanatic
-Obtained from the magpie impling jar
-Dropped from the magpie impling
-Dropped from the Dagannoth Rex
-Dropped from the Gorak
-Obtained from The Lost Tribe OSRS quest

How to use OSRS ring of life?

When wearing the ring of life, it grants one automatic teleport to Lumbridge if you are dealt damage and has 10% or less of their Hitpoints remaining. Here are something that you should notice:
1. You will still die if you are hit from above 10% of your maximum Hitpoints to 0.
2. Self-inflicted damage, such as guzzling a dwarven rock cake or using a locator orb, can also activate the effect.
3. As with the amulet of glory, the teleport can work up to level 30 Wilderness.
4. When activated, the ring of life will not cure poison.

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The RSorder Team

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