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OSRS Shadow of the Storm Quest Guide: Fast Walkthrough & More

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Shadow of the Storm OSRS is a quest which continues the plot of Demon Slayer. Here is a Shadow of the Storm guide with quest requirements, walkthrough and more.

Requirements of Shadow of the Storm OSRS

Here are the requirements of the Shadow of the Storm quest:
Level 30 Crafting
Completion of The Golem and Demon Slayer quests
The ability to defeat a level 100 demon

OSRS Shadow of the Storm walkthrough

1. To start the quest, head south of Al-Kharid bank and speak to Father Reen.
2. Travel to Uzer. You could use the magic carpet, use the necklace of passage teleport to Eagle's Eyrie, or use the nearby fairy ring (d l q).
3. Find Father Badden near the ruin entrance and speak to him.
4. Pick a black mushroom outside of the dungeon. Grind it into black mushroom ink.
5. Go down the stairs. Grab a copy of the Strange implement in the north-west corner of the ruin.
6. Wear 3 black items and dyed Silverlight. Speak to Evil Dave in the dungeon.
7. Head to the other side of the portal and speak to Denath.
8. Speak to Jennifer and obtain a demonic sigil mould.
9. Speak to Matthew.
10. Smelt a demonic sigil by using silver bar on furnace. You no longer need your black equipment.
11. Return to Uzer. Speak to the clay golem outside about last night.
12. Search the nearby kilns to find a book. Read the book, and take it to Matthew on the other side of the portal.
13. Go North and speak to Denath. Write down the incantation.
14. Complete the circle and click the sigil in the inventory to chant the incantation. Take the Sigil from the floor.
15. Exit the portal and take Tanya's sigil.
16. Tell Evil Dave to return to the lair.
17. Speak to Father Badden outside. Convince Father Reen to join the ritual.
18. Speak to the golem. Use the Strange implement on the golem, and then speak to the golem again.
19. Speak to Matthew, and say it backwards.
20. Kill the demon with any weapon. Notice that the final blow must be with Silverlight.
21. Unequip Darklight and choose your reward. Quest complete!

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The RSorder Team

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