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OSRS Song of the Elves: What Content Can You Expect July 25th?

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Long-expected OSRS Song of the Elves has confirmed its release date. On July 25th, enjoy all the new contents including the new Grandmaster quest, Iorwerth’s Dungeon, Gauntlet minigame and the Crystal Armour OSRS.

OSRS Song of the Elves release date confirmed

It has been officially announced that OSRS Song of the Elves release date is set on July 25, 2019., There will various contents released with the Song of the Elves quest, such as the new OSRS Crystal Armour, Prifddinas and the Iorwerth’s Dungeon.

Main contents with Song of the Elves OSRS update

1. Song of the Elves quest
Song of the Elves is a new Grandmaster quest as the final quest in the Elf quest series, which will lead the story in this quest series to its conclusion. Here are the requirements of this quest:
Completion of Mourning’s End Part 2 and Making History
Level 70 in Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Smithing and Woodcutting
2. Prifddinas with Zalcano boss
Prifddinas can be unlocked after completing the Song of the Elves quest, which is the capital city of Tirannwn. There you will meet the new boss called OSRS Zalcano, and obtain the Crystal equipment seed after defeating it.
3. Iorwerth’s Dungeon
OSRS Iorwerth’s Dungeon is a new elite training dungeon with multiple rooms. There will be various creatures, including Dark Beasts, Kurasks, Waterfiends and others.
4. Crystal Armour
OSRS Crystal Armour is a new ranged crystal armour set released with the Song of the Elves quest. The Crystal Armour can be created after combining crystal shards with crystal armour seeds, which can be obtained after completing OSRS Gauntlet.
5. Gauntlet
OSRS Gauntlet is a new solo PvM minigame in Prifddinas. There you need to defeat a vicious enemy called Crystalline Hunllef.

We will update our news when there is more information on OSRS Song of the Elves. Moreover, simply find cheap OSRS gold for sale from professional RSorder at any time.

The RSorder Team

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