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OSRS The Nightmare Changes: Pyrelord Superior Version & More

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This week sees some changes and adjustments made to the Nightmare boss, including a superior version of the Pyrelord OSRS and more. Read the information below to learn details of these changes.

Changes made to the Nightmare on Feb. 13th

According to the latest Old School official news post, some changes and adjustments have been made to the Nightmare boss with the update this week. These changes are made based on players' feedback.

Details of OSRS the Nightmare changes

1. A scoreboard is added near Shura, showing personal kills, deaths, fastest kill time and the global equivalents.
2. You can spectate by right-clicking on the entry portal.
3. You are able to collect multiple Drakan’s Medallions from Kael Forshaw after completing A Taste of Hope.
4. The Nightmare OSRS is added to the Boss Kill Count section of the HiScores page.
5. The player’s Hitpoints Orb changes pink to indicate a parasitic infection.
6. You can get unlimited free trips to Slepe by paying Andras a one-time fee of 1 million coins. 
7. Pyrelord OSRS has a superior version with a slightly enhanced drop table.
8. The examine text for a certain coffin is updated.
9. Messages appearing during the boss fight become different colours.
10. The volume of the Nightmare’s defend sound is reduced.
11. Worlds 346 (US) and 514 (UK) are marked as The Nightmare of Ashihama to help players find groups more easily.

What do you think about these changes to Pyrelord OSRS and others? In addition, you can find cheap OSRS gold and more from professional RSorder.

The RSorder Team

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