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OSRS Trailblazer League Release on Oct. 28th with Strategies

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OSRS Trailblazer League is coming this week as the second League! Here you could learn details of the start time and some Trailblazer strategies.

When is OSRS Trailblazer start time?

OSRS League 2 Trailblazer begins on October 28th 2020 (11:30AM-12:00PM GMT) and will run until January 6th 2021. Here you could learn planned Timezone launches:
UK: 12 pm GMT
EU: 1 pm CET / 2 pm EET
USA: 8 am EDT / 5 am PDT
AUS: 11 pm AEDT
With the release of OSRS Trailblazer League, you can begin the league in Misthalin and unlock subsequent regional areas by completing some tasks. The Misthalin and Karamja areas are unlocked for free. You will be an Ironman/Ironwoman with the same restrictions as if playing in Ironman Mode.

Learn some OSRS Trailblazer strategies

1. Relics are unlocked with League Points. Upon completing the tutorial, you will be presented with three Relics to choose from without the need for points. There are totally six tiers of relics with an additional passive buff automatically unlocked at each tier.
2. Tasks will be either global or regional. Tasks in the Trailblazer League can be used to reach regional unlocks, which requires a flat number of tasks to unlock a new region. Tasks will be more focused on actions you can complete or monster drops than on boss kill count or skilling thresholds reached.
3. You begin with level 3 herblore, 5 runecraft, and level 10 agility. Experience recieved for training any skill will be multiplied by 5x the usual rate.
4. Many quests requiring multiple areas to complete can be unlocked automatically as you unlock new regions, which allows immediate access to much of a region's key content. Some quests are completable within a certain combination of regions.

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