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OSRS Twisted League Relics Guide: How to Choose for Effects?

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Relics are powerful buffs in the Twisted League OSRS that are unlocked with League Points. To play this game mode more efficiently, here is a guide for Twisted League relics to help you learn which relics can be your best choices.

Players’ choices of OSRS Twisted League relics

The official Twisted League Stats and Changes blog has revealed a breakdown of how many players have chosen each Twisted League relic as of the morning of November 20th 2019:
Tier 1
Abyssal Accumulator: 14.72%
Endless Endurance: 69.44%
Dark Altar Devotion: 15.84%
Tier 2
Hardcore Harvester: 33.94%
Arcane Courier: 16.59%
Unnatural Selection: 49.47%
Tier 3
Eye of the Artisan: 54.93%
Way of the Warrior: 24.69%
Gift of the Gatherer: 20.38%
Tier 4
Spirit of Dinh: 6.36%
Konar's Blessing: 41.89%
Treasure Seeker: 51.75%
Tier 5
Xeric's Focus: 27.95%
Xeric's Wisdom: 71.79%
Xeric's Resilience: 0.26%

How to choose OSRS Twisted League relics?

Here you could see the effect of each relic in the Twisted League OSRS:
Tier 1
Abyssal Accumulator - You can save 85% of your ammunition and runes.
Endless Endurance - You will have unlimited run energy and quadrupled hitpoints restore rate.
Dark Altar Devotion - Bones dropped by monsters will be automatically buried, granting quadruple the normal XP. The rate in which your prayer is drained is halved. Ensouled heads can drop two at a time.
Tier 2
Hardcore Harvester - You can gain triple the amount of resources from Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, harvesting herbs, the blast mine and farming contracts. You can gain triple the amount of Molch pearls from Aerial Fishing. Farming ticks can occur every minute.
Arcane Courier - All supply crates from the Wintertodt and resources from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming and the blast mine can be automatically sent to the bank.
Unnatural Selection - You are able to choose which farming contract and slayer assignment you would like.
Tier 3
Eye of the Artisan - You can get double the usual amount of XP in Smithing, Cooking, Herblore, Firemaking, Fletching, Crafting and Construction.
Way of the Warrior - You can get double the usual amount of XP in Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Prayer.
Gift of the Gatherer - You can get double the usual amount of experience in Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Thieving, Hunter, Farming and Runecraft.
Tier 4
Spirit of Dinh - You will take no damage from the Wintertodt's attacks, which will not interrupt your actions. You can gain tripe the usual amount of loot from supply crates.
Konar's Blessing - You will gain a 10% increase in accuracy and damage for all attack styles, or 30% if the monster is assigned as a slayer assignment.
Treasure Seeker - NPCs that drop clue scrolls will have a flat 1/10 chance of dropping them. You can find clue geodes, nests and bottles ten times more often from all skilling activities.
Tier 5
Xeric's Focus - The attack speed of all weapons are sped up by 1. Special attacks with instant attacks are unaffected.
Xeric's Wisdom - You can get double the usual amount of XP from all skills.
Xeric's Resilience - You will take 50% less damage from all monsters. Prayer is restored at a rate of 1 point every 3.6s.

Hope our OSRS Twisted League guide can help you choose Twisted League relics. Moreover, we offer safe OSRS gold for sale with 5% free bonus.

The RSorder Team

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