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OSRS Undead Druid Guide with Locations, Strategies & Drops

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OSRS Undead Druid is a level 105 version of chaos druid which was released in the Forthos Dungeon this month. Here is a guide for Undead Druid containing its locations, useful fighting strategies and drops.

Where can you find Undead Druid OSRS?

OSRS Undead Druid can be found in the following sections of the Forthos Dungeon:
The Crypt of the Moon east of the western dungeon entrance
The Temple Library
The small chamber south of the Spider Den near Brother Aimeri (requiring a knife or slash weapon to access)

Strategies for defeating Undead Druid OSRS

Here are some useful strategies for killing the Undead Druids:
1. When fighting against the Undead Druids, it is highly recommended to use Void ranger armour with a salve amulet (ei). The elite version of Void armour is preferable.
2. Melee and Ranged are highly effective when fighting against OSRS Undead Druids. As Undead Druids only attack with magic while not in melee range, Ranged may be a better choice.
3. Due to the high Magic level and related bonuses, it is recommended to keep Protect from Magic on at all times while fighting Undead Druid OSRS.
4. You can also use a Toxic blowpipe with the elite Void Knight set and a salve amulet (ei). As the druids have low defence, you can use equipment like devout boots in slots where Ranged strength is not offered.

Drops gained from Undead Druids OSRS

There is a chance to obtain various rewards after defeating the Undead Druid, including runes, herbs, seeds, materials and others. You main get the new mask of ranul OSRS from the Druid, which appears to be a depiction of Ranul, the god of the moon.
mask of ranul OSRS

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