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OSRS Warding Training Guide: Learn Steps to Gain Warding XP

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OSRS new skill Warding is a proposed mage armour production skill which was first proposed at RuneFest 2018. Now the steps of OSRS Warding training have been revealed in the latest Old School official news post.

Step 1 of OSRS Warding training

The first step of Warding training is gathering tools and resources.
The tools include Wardstones and Channeling Lamps. Wardstones OSRS can be created via a channeling lamp and stored within a warder’s kit. There are two types of wardstones, elemental wardstones and catalytic wardstones. Channeling Lamps are used for channeling vis to create magically imbued equipment. Players can purchase the basic channeling lamp from a general store. Any vis the player gathered can be stored in lamps.
Wardstones OSRS
The basic resources for Warding OSRS include Vis and Fabric. Vis OSRS is generated by a channeling lamp when runes are consumed, or when equipment is dissolved on a ward. It is integral to creating equipment via warding. Fabric is primarily used to craft magical armours. Players can gain some lower level fabrics dropped from monsters.

Step 2 of OSRS Warding training

The second step of Warding training is locating a Ward. Players can left-click on a wardstone to create Wards within the world, and choose to ward at the nearest Runestone Monolith as there are permanent elemental wards.

Step 3 of OSRS Warding training

The third step of Warding training is channeling Equipment. An interface will open after interacting with a ward, asking the player to choose a piece of equipment to channel based on the items in the inventory. Experience can be gained once channeling, which scales alongside the tiers of equipment.

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The RSorder Team

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