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Planned RuneScape Master Skillcape Perks & Changes to 99 Perks

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According to the previous feedback from players on the Master Skillcape perks and existing 99 perks, the RS team have figured bout some designs and improvements. Let’s see what these perks will be like and buy RuneScape gold from us. 

Likely perks for the Master Skillcapes

There would be some new perks for Invention, Dungeoneering and Slayer on their 120 Skillcape, working in conjunction with the 99 Skillcape perk of the same skill. Besides, the Master quest cape also would get itself a shiny new perk. 
1.Dungeoneering: Having a chance to make you choose the boss you face in Dameonheim and increasing the chance to receive lore drops;
2.Invention: Increasing the chance to get components while disassembling items;
3.Slayer: Having a chance to act as a VIP ticket when receiving a task;
4.Master Quest Cape: Teleporting to a selection of locations including the Champions’, Heroes’ and Legends’ Guild, the Wise Old Man’s house and Tears of Guthix.

Some planned improvements to current 99 perks

The RS team intends to devise a list of existing skillcpae perks that they can do with a little bit of TLC. 
1.Construction: Having a chance to save planks while building in your PoH;
2.Crafting: Having a chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once;
3.Divination: Making all wisps last a fixed amount of time;
4.Firemaking: Making Fire spirits grant better rewards and the cape act as a light source;
5.Fletching: Having a chance to make additional bolts and arrows;
6.Hunter: Increasing range for traps;
7.Thieving: Noting all pickpocketed drops.

How do you like these perks that the RS team has designed? Please let the team learn your thoughts. At the same time, you can buy RuneScape gold here. 

The RSorder Team 

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