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Play The Pit RuneScape or Others to Gain XP-boosting Outfits

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Have you ever missed any valuable skill outfits only seen on Treasure Hunter? Right now you have other ways to get them - playing The Pit RuneScape or other particular minigames/D&Ds. Learn the outfits you can obtain, and I’m sure that will tickle your fancy. There is plenty of RuneScape gold for sale.

Collect Nimble Outfit by playing The Pit 

As a Distraction and Diversion, The Pit, run by Scrambles and snotgut, features a large game arena and grants Agility experience and a Gorilla mask upon the successful completion, which also gives the option to gamble. Besides, right now you have a random chance to get Nimble Outfit for completing The Pit, successfully or not. And each piece of the Nimble Outfit gives a slight Agility XP bonus of 1%, while the full set provides a total of 6% bonus.

Play RuneScape Stealing Creation to get Artisan’s Outfit and Fletcher’s Outfit

Right now you will be rewarded Artisan’s Outfit and Fletcher’s Outfit from Stealing Creation with 100 Reward Points per piece, which grant Crafting and Fletching XP respectively a total of 6% bonus, just like the Nimble Outfit.

Obtain other experience-boosting outfits 

You can get Botanist’s Outfit from Flash Power Factory, and Farmer’s Outfit from Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza. What’s more, you have a chance to get Blacksmith’s Outfit when smithing ceremonial swords successfully - increased if you get it perfect.


1.The corresponding headpiece-enhancement items cannot be obtained by these ways for now.
2.It’s possible for Ironman players to play Stealing Creation, which makes the Crafting and Fletching Outfits available to those who like to go for it solo. However, the other rewards in the Stealing Creation Reward Shop still cannot be obtained by Ironman players. 
3.As an oversight, Ironman players still can not play Flash Powder Factory for the Herblore Outfit. however Jagex will get it done soon.

Does these outfits attract your attention? Why not join in the game right now with RuneScape gold for sale from RSorder.

The RSorder Team

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