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Preview Abyssal Bludgeon & Dagger Special Attacks Coming Next Week

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After Jagex put up the revised slayer expansion in Old School RS, most of people feel unease for the bleed effect. Before the devs intend to release specific stats of Abyssal bludgeon and dagger next week, all players have a chance to put forward suggestions on the stats based on the descriptions as follow. 

Specific stats of Abyssal bludgeon & Dagger

Abyssal bludgeon

1. Requires 70 attack and strength to use.

2. Two handed weapon.

3. Hits once every 4 ticks (scimitar/whip speed).

4. Lower strength bonus than the abyssal whip/dragon defender combination.

5. High crush attack bonus (it will be the best crush DPS in Old School).

6. All attack styles will train only strength and hitpoints.

It has been suggested to add a 50 Defense requirement to help the Saradomin sword retain some value as a strength training weapon. Once it is passed, more RS 2007 gold is dispensable to reach the line.

Abyssal dagger

1. Requires 70 attack.

2. Over75 Stab attack.

3. Over 75 Strength.

4. Slightly weaker than a Zamorak hasta.

5. Has attack styles to train Attack, Strength or Defence.

Happy with stats but concern to the special attacks

In schedule, these two weapons share the same rules for 50% special attack energy. Specifically, the next attack will have double accuracy. And whatever your next attack deals, will also be dealt again as a bleed effect over the next 6 seconds. For example, if your special attack deals 20 damage, another 20 damage will be dealt passively as 5 hits of 4 over 6 seconds.

In fact, people prefer two different special attacks for the budgeon and dragger. It seems a majority of players are happy with the stats of these weapons, but concerned to the special attack 

Potential actions from Jagex to deal with special attack

It’s likely that Jagex would offer the bludgeon a damage boost as a special attack, and the boost scales with the number of prayer points you are missing. Thus, it will be more risky and rewarding.

As for the dagger, the only we can ensure is that major players don’t like the bleed effect, and change is inevitable in future.

To be honest, the special attack of Abyssal bludgeon and dagger is kind of overwhelming, so it is not that easy to control these weapons in game. It would be a tough battle in Abyss. Luckily, players can buy rs 07 gold free on RSorder Ongoing Flash Sale to make things smooth. 

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