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Preview Coming Feature of Resizable Mode Unveiled By Mod in OSRS

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Last month, a post brought Resizable Mode into view officially. Further, Mod Ash has recently introduced some potential features of this mode, including option for transparent chatbox, and option to move side-stone buttons to the bottom etc. All these features make this mode more attractive.

OSRS Resizable Mode

New functions come with Resizable Mode

Mod Ash tweeted that Resizable Mode is scheduled to hit shelves early June. And the following features are in the list, but they would not be an update in OldSchool RS without toggles.

1. The essentials of a resizable chatbox are taken into consideration.

2. Option button for moving the side-stone buttons to the bottom of the screen, like RS had in 2008.

3. Option button for making the chatbox transparent or opaque in resizable mode.

4. The engine support created by Ian makes the minimap be a different shape in this gameframe.

6. Overlaid HUD elements are being updated to suit new dynamic sizes, instead of 512*334 screen.

With the above features, many people could hardly wait to try it with osrs gold, but please note that it is just a plan, not a finished work. So stay tuned for further changes. 

Further potential features in this mode 

In addition to the above features, Mod Ash also tried his best to reply players’ wonders about the upcoming RS 2007 mode. It turns out that:

1. With the engine support Ian creates, it is possible to revert the minimap to North by clicking it.

2. Fog would be an option for the potential future rather than just darkness past the render/draw distance. But before adding more processing, a survey is needed to learn more about the practice of resizable mode.

Resizable Mode will be for both F2P and members. It would give you a completely different game play in Old school RS. If you want a smooth game play experience, you should come to RSorder 50% Off Sale to snap up old school RS gold with the cheapest price. Have fun!


The RSorder Team 

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