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Release Make-All OSRS/Gargoyle Boss Soon & Enjoy QoL Updates Now

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What good news! The Make-All OSRS option will be released next week while Gargoyle Boss is expected at the end of October. At the same time right now you can enjoy some great QoL updates with OSRS gold for sale.

Make-All option OSRS released in a few days

The Old School Team has made the promise that they release Make-All option OSRS next week, for their GA team have been making great progress on it, which indeed has been polled in June. 

Gargoyle Boss OSRS expected in late October

We thought Gargoyle Boss OSRS would be launched in August, but the Old School team has delayed its release again and again. Right now it’s officially confirmed that they will launch the new slayer boss at the end of October. 
As a matter of fact some players feel frustrated for their delay on the content updates. Let’s just hope they can keep their promises so that we can enjoy these updates as intended. 

A few QoL updates enjoyed right now

This week we have a few quality of life updates OSRS to enjoy.
From now on you can travel with the instant transmission - the occasional Minecart controlled by the Dwarves in the dark age. You can buy the tickets for the Dwarven Minecart Network by a right-click option from the conductors of Keldagrim, White Wolf Mountain, and Ice Mountain.
When animating Armor in the Warriors’ guild, the delay on the player has been reduced for whoever gathers Warrior Guild tokens.
In addition, you can not stand with your bodies half inside the drystone wall by the Fossil Island swamp any longer.

Whether you care about these non-content updates or not, that’s all for now. Let’s expect more exciting content to come soon and there is OSRS gold for sale here.

The RSorder Team 

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