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RS 3 GE History Extended to 10 Temporarily with Specific Value Offered

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Have you seen the changes on GE history interface in RS 3? Jagex have extended bonus history expansion to 10, and also displayed the exact values of both the total value and the each value. Thus, it will be convenient for you to check how much cheap rs 3 gold you have spent and what you have bought through GE.

RS 3 GE History

Both total value and each value have tooltips for exact values

With the update, you can be able to check both the total value and specific value. For example, if you purchase the X amount of items from the Grand Exchange, you can see the total amount of RS 3 gold for sale you used, and the exact value of each items.

Grand Exchange History to 10

Jagex has extended Grand Exchange to 10, and it is not the absolute maximum. But since the variable space used to store this is very expensive, so temporarily it is 10. For further use, the devs have built the interface to be easily extended in future.

Besides, every player should note that there are no different tabs for buying and selling, and having 10 of each is not something being considered currently. There is no doubt that splitting buying and selling into two tabs is popular among players, but it should be better to look at them side by side to compare profit/merch.

Apart from the above updates, there is some aspects worth to be put forward:

1. The "item details" column title isn't aligned with the name of the item currently.

2. The exact price should have been replaced by the general cost, like 145K gp replaced by 145,691 gp.

3. "Buy" and "sell" should have had different colors, rather than Instead of color changing for each row.

4. When you click on (for example here) on the swordfish, an extra window may pop u to show the price graph which you have on the RS site. It would be cool, but Jagex explained that they cannot currently inline images from the website in game.

In general, all these changes on GE history are awesome, and it is more convenient for you to purchase on the Grand Exchange. Additionally, cheap RS 3 gold which can give you a smooth shopping on GE will be sold with no profit on RSorder. Learn more details about RSorder Profitless Sale.


The RSorder Team

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