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RS April Fools 2020: Get Ring of Rares & More from Cabbage!

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Are you ready to enjoy RS April Fool’s event this year? Now head to the Falador cabbage patch, and you will have a chance of obtaining RS ring of rares, ring of cabbage and more from the Oversized Cabbage!

How to join in RS April Fools 2020?

As the joke for RS April Fools event 2020, you could go to the Falador cabbage patch and find an Oversized Cabbage. There is a message “A brassica digsite has been uncovered at the Falador cabbage patch!” when you log into the game on April 1st, 2020.

Get RS ring of rares or other rewards

Once you enter the cabbage patch in Falador, you will be turned into a chef holding a rolling pin. You will get a cabbage boson from the cabbage, which respawns every 10 minutes. The cabbage boson can be used to exchange items from Dr. Cole. You are able to choose one among RS ring of rares, ring of cabbage and The Cabbage Slayer title. The ring of rares RS3 can transmogrify you into some old holiday items if you attempt to wear it. There is also a chance of obtaining a ring of random when you select a rare with the ring of rares.
The holiday items include:
Partyhats with 6 colours
Hallowe'en masks
Red and Black santa hat
Easter egg
Christmas cracker

In addition, there is a fourth reward, 120 Archaeology. However, Dr Cole will state this reward is only for players who have reached 99 Archaeology.

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The RSorder Team

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