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RS Azzanadra's Quest Guide: Fast Walkthrough, Tips & More

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A new experienced quest named RS Azzanadra Quest has been released this week. The Azzanadra's Quest is the first chapter of the Elder God Wars storyline.

Requirements of RS Azzanadra's Quest

Here are the requirements of RS Azzanadra Quest:
58 Archaeology
58 Agility
58 Prayer
70 Divination
Completion of RS Vault of Shadows miniquest

RS Azzanadra Quest walkthrough

1. To start this quest, head to the stairs in Burthorpe Castle. Speak to Azzanadra in the Council Chamber.
2. Head to Kharid-et. Find Azzanadra at the Praetorium war table and speak to him.
3. Head to the World Gate and speak to Azzanadra.
4. Go through Freneskae, speaking to Azzanadra at different stops.
5. Inspect all five shell fragments at the end of the halls. Speak to Ariane.
6. Drain the wisps for 50 each of their energy.
7. Inspect the blank observation and speak to Azzanadra.
8. Head to the White Knights' Castle. Speak to Sir Upticious.
9. Head to Saradomin's throne room. Speak to Father Frith.
10. Head to the ground floor and speak to Sir Owen.
11. Go back and speak to Father Frith.
12. Head to the 2nd floor in the west wing of the castle and speak to Sir Amik Varze.
13. Speak to Sir Owen on the ground floor. Search the open cupboard.
14. Enter Sir Renitee's room and take the document out from the safe.
15. Buy a slayer bell from any Slayer Master. Cut the clapper with a knife to create a Silent bell.
16. Head to RS Paterdomus. Use the silent bell on the well to bless it.
17. Go back to Saradomin's throne room. Ring the Silent bell three times.
18. Speak to Saradomin. The order is "The world is in danger", "We are concerned about Seren", "We need to find the eggs", "We need your crown".
19. Head to Kharid-et and speak to Azzanadra at the praetorium war table.
20. Head to the hall of Memories and speak to Trindine.
21. Collect 6 archivist memories, and then speak to The Archivist.
22. Collect 6 restricted memories.
23. Place memories on the pilnths near the unstable rift.
24. Inspect the memory bud and get a restricted engram.
25. Leave the Hall of Memories. Use the Restricted Engram on the Fountain of Energy.
26. Head to the Wizards' Tower. Speak to Wizard Trindy.
27. Search the 4 bookcases to the west. Then Speak to Wizard Trindy at the eastern bookcases.
28. Head to the TzHaar City and speak to Trindine outside the entrance.
29. Enter the city and speak to the Ga'al.
30. Head to the main plaza and speak to Trindine.
31. Speak to TokHaar-Hok.
32. Head to the TzHaar City library. Speak to Trindine.
33. Go back to Kharid-et at the praetorium table. Speak to Azzanadra.
34. Head to the Heart of Gielinor and speak to Azzanadra near the entrance.
35. Enter the Heart.
36. Inspect Wen, Bik and Ful's eggs.
37. Head to Kharid-et. Enter the fort.
38. Charge up at a pylon. Then head to four shadow anchors to power them up.
39. Collect 50 memories. Then inspect the blank observation.
40. Go back to the Wizard's Tower. Speak to Wizard Valina at the entrance.
41. Head to the TzHaar City main plaza. Speak to the Ga'al.
42. Head to the Hall of Memories and enter the pool. Speak to the Archivist.
43. Head to the Heart of Gielinor. Speak to Ariane.
44. Head to the Falador castle. Speak to Ariane at the bridge.
45. Go back to Kharid-et and head to the war table. Speak to Azzanadra. RS Azzanadra Quest complete!

Rewards from RS3 Azzanadra Quest

You will gain the following rewards after completing the Azzanadra's Quest:
3 quest points
15,000 Archaeology XP lamp
25,000 Divination XP lamp
10,000 XP lamp
Unlock the knowledge to restore the pontifex observation ring
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Hope our RS Azzanadra Quest guide can help you complete this quest. When you need cheap RS gold, you could come to our site to get some fast.

The RSorder Team

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