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RS Azzanadra's Quest of Elder God Wars Storyline Coming Feb 22

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It has been confirmed that the first quest of Elder God Wars storyline, RS Azzanadra's Quest, will be released this month. Here you could learn requirements and more details of the quest.

RS Azzanadra's Quest of Elder God Wars

The Azzanadra's Quest is the first chapter of RS Elder God Wars storyline. According to the recent official news post, RS Azzanadra's Quest is coming to the game on February 22nd 2021.
The Azzanadra's Quest will feature Azzanadra and Trindine. Ariane and Sir Owen will also appear in the Azzanadra's Quest.

Requirements of RS Azzanadras Quest

-Skill requirements:
Level 70 Divination
Level 58 Archaeology
Level 58 Agility
Level 58 Prayer
-Quest requirement:
Completion of RS Vault of Shadows miniquest
In addition, it is recommended to complete RS Desperate Measures quest before starting the Azzanadras Quest. The Blank Observation will be useful, which can be obtained from Azzanadra after completing the Heart of Stone.

More information on RS Elder God Wars

RS Elder God Wars is a new storyline featuring quests and new PvM bosses. This storyline will be released over a period of a year. The Elder God Wars will take place in a buried city.

We will update more details of RS3 Azzanadras Quest of RS Elder God Wars storyline if there is more information. Moreover, you could buy RS gold safely and fast from our site.

The RSorder Team

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