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RS Beach Event 2020 Guide: Activities, Happy Hour & Rewards

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RS Beach event has returned with various fun activities! Until August 10th, participate in these activities with RS Happy Hour for experience and unique rewards.

Activities in RS Beach event 2020

Summer Beach Party is a new event running until August 10th 2020. During this event, you are able to participate in various fun activities to gain experience and unique new rewards. Here are some of them:
Run by Nigel, it is an activity found in the north-eastern corner of the beach. Participating in the Barbeques grants Cooking experience.
-Beach ball rolling
It can be found in the northern area of the beach. Participating in the Beach Ball Rolling grants Agility experience.
-Coconut shy
Run by Sarah, it can be found in the south-eastern corner. Participating in the Coconut shy grants Ranged experience.
RS Clawdia is an hourly boss at the beach. She is level 250 and has 10,000,000 life points, with damage dealt scaling to your level and life points.
-Hook a Duck
Run by Sarah, Hook a Duck grants Hunter experience.
-Rock pools
The rock pools can be found on the east side of the beach. Participating in the Rock pools grants Fishing experience.
-Sandcastle building
It can be found in the north-western corner of the beach. Participating in the Sandcastle building grants Construction experience.
-Sandy Clue Scroll
RS Sandy Clue Scroll can be obtained from Reyna during this event. Here is a RS Sandy Clue Scroll guide with detailed solutions.

RS Happy Hour in Beach event 2020

In RS Beach event 2020, there is a scheduled set time called “Happy Hour” which makes every activity a spotlight plot. During the Happy Hour, you can gain 10% additional experience and take part in all activities without the temperature gauge increasing. The chance to receive items from activities is also increased by roughly 20%.
RS Happy Hour occurs at 01:00, 09:00, 14:00, 16:30 & 21:00 UTC game time every day on all worlds.

Rewards from RS3 Beach event 2020

You can gain some tokens through skilling, from Clawdia, or purchased from Flo's New Item Shop. New rewards this year include the Crustacea armour, Caller of the Sea, Shark Bait and others. In addition, you can purchase old rewards with oddments from Sheldon's Oddments Store, such as RS Swimming outfit and Summer Fun outfit.

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