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RS Contact Quest Guide: Fast Walkthrough, Rewards & More

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Contact! is a quest taking place in the Kharidian Desert. In RS Contact quest you will attempt to help the city of Sophanem contact its neighbouring city of Menaphos.

RS Contact! quest fast walkthrough

1. To start this quest, head to the south-west temple of Sophanem and speak to the High Priest.
2. Speak to Jex in the north-east corner of the city.
3. Climb down the ladder in the nearby building, and down again. Use protect from magic and keep auto-retaliate off.
4. Follow the red line through the maze. To avoid traps, you can click on them, or walking round them where appropriate. If you are high level player, you can take the ladder marked (2) and run to ladder (6) to skip most the maze.
RS Contact Quest
5. Climb down the ladder.
6. Find the corpse of Kaleef. Search the corpse to get a parchment and read it.
7. Walk west to Maisa.
8. Head to the Al Kharid palace and speak to Osman.
9. Prepare to fight against a level 86 Giant scarab. The following is recommended:
Food (Monkfish or better)
Prayer potions
Two full anti-poison potions OR Greater Poison Purge aura
A one-click escape teleport
Light source
10. Return to Sophanem and speak to Osman. Run all the way back to Kaleef's body.
11. Kill the giant scarab.
12. Take the keris. Speak to Osman.
13. Go back to Sophanem and speak to the High Priest. Quest complete!

Rewards from RS Contact quest

You will gain the following rewards after completing RS3 Contact quest:
1 quest point
7,000 Thieving XP
Two wishes each awarding 7,000 combat XP
RS Keris dagger
Access to Sophanem's bank

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The RSorder Team

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