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RS Game Jam 2019: Araxxor Quest, Golden Clue Scrolls & More

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From Oct 10th, some JMods are currently busy working on Game Jam this year. Now we could take a sneak peek at some small projects in RS Game Jam 2019.

What can you know about RS Game Jam?

Game Jam, also known as the Epic Jam, is a Game Jam that started on 10 October 2019 and will last for about two weeks. It features Jagex Moderators who are part of the Episodic content team trying new things and finding out what might and might not work for the game. JMods design and create their own content during this RS Game Jam, which may or may not end up being implemented into the live game.

Sneak peek at RS Game Jam 2019

Revealed in the recent official news post, here’s a sneak peek at some of the things JMods been getting up to in RS Epic Jam 2019:
1. Untitled Waterfowl Update (uwu)
There may be a Low-level F2P Player Owned Farm located near Lady of the Lake. 1 Pen can hold up to 9 Waterfowls.
2. Elemental Workshop 5-7
Each quest will use 2 runes. There will be no more obnoxious puzzles.
3. Golden Clue Scrolls
Golden clues are master clues that will guarantee a rare item on completion.
4. Araxxor Quest
RS Araxxor Quest is a horror themed quest focused around Araxxor to bring it lore.
5. GE History Pins
6. Ripper Demon Pet
It may be obtained from a Parasitic orb.
7. Elite NPC Droptables
The droptables will vastly increase the XP and the drop value from Elite NPCs.
8. Pet XP Broadcasts
9. Legendary Beast of Burden QoL
10. Vorago QoL

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The RSorder Team

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