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RS GP Exchange & More after Mobilising Armies’ Removal

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RuneScape Mobilising Armies has been removed in game. To make sure this change will not make its rewards and other benefits inaccessible to players, the RS team has made a series of makeup methods including exchanging investment credit into GP.

What is RS Mobilising Armies? 

Mobilising Armies was a real-time strategy minigame released on 8 July 2009. The game was accessible only for RS members. During gaming, it allowed players to organize armies and afterwards command these armies in two or four-player battles. 

GP exchange & more to make up the removal of RS Mobilising Armies

We will not be able to enjoy Mobilising Armies any more, which has just been removed. To decrease the possible impact made by the removal, there are several makeup methods taken.  
1.The investment credits you have will be converted into GP at an exchange rate of 5 credits to 1GP, and the reward credits, at 2 to 1 GP.
2.The unused mobilising armies points enhancers of yours have been changed into unfocused enhancers.
3.Mobilising Armies won’t be a requirement for the Completionist Cape anymore. Instead, it will become a hidden feat with 0 RuneScore for players who have completed it.
4.HiScores will be preserved for posterity.
5.Locators can be crafted with Divination. They all come with 50 charges like normal and require half the amount of energy made to recharge back to 50 charges. They also work for Elder Trees.
6.Cosmetics will be available in the Thaler store.
7.To imbue low level ring, you should go to the Soul Wars reward shop.
8.Imbued new high-level ring can be exchanged for Teci at the Raids reward store.

With the removal of RS Mobilising Armies, you might lose some fun. But you have also gained a lot, like the GP exchanged for you and other benefits. However, no matter what has changed, RSorder will always be here to support you, offering you safe RS gold with the lowest price and the best service.

The RSorder Team

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