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RS Helping Laniakea Guide: Miniquest Walkthrough & Rewards

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A new Novice miniquest Helping Laniakea has been released in game with the Land Out of Time update. In this new quest, players need to help Laniakea to catch the Fugu fish and obtain the Totem of Intimidation middle as the reward.

How to start Helping Laniakea miniquest?

Helping Laniakea is a new Novice miniquest on RuneScape Anachronia. To start this miniquest, speak to Laniakea at the Anachronia base camp and ask her about poisons.

Guide for Helping Laniakea RuneScape miniquest

1. After talking to Laniakea, collect the following items to create a rod:
-Shimmering feather: can be obtained from the strange bird on the southern peninsula of the island.
-Old spring: can be obtained by searching crates next to The Stormbreaker.
-Herby meat: can be obtained by combining Ancient arbuck and Raw arcane apoterrasaur meat. The Ancient arbuck can be found by searching the strange foliage.
-Jungle vine: can be obtained in the dense jungle vines north-west of the eastern most Overgrown idol.
-Immaculate jungle stick
2. To obtain the Immaculate jungle stick, first you need to collect Block of stone inside a piece of rubble, south of Laniakea’s second location. Then head to Eliza or Alpheus with the Block of stone for a Dirty stick. You can get the Immaculate jungle stick by using the Dirty stick on the bucket west of the archaeologists.
3. Make the custom jungle fishing rod by combining the Immaculate jungle stick with Jungle vine.
4. Make the custom fishing lure by combining the shimmering feather, herby meat and the old spring.
5. Head to the strange fishing spot shown on the picture below. Fish for Fugu.
Helping Laniakea RuneScape
6. Return to Laniakea and give the Fugu to her. Miniquest complete!

Get RuneScape Totem of Intimidation middle

You will be awarded RuneScape Totem of Intimidation middle after completing Helping Laniakea miniquest. The Totem of Intimidation middle can be used to make RuneScape Totem of Intimidation after combining it with the top and base pieces.

Hope our guide can help you complete the Helping Laniakea RuneScape miniquest. Additionally, you could buy RS gold cheap and join in our RS Gold 60% Off Sale at 3:00 AM GMT on July 12.

The RSorder Team

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