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RS Independence Day 2019: Enjoy Sams Hat, Liber Tea & Others

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Sam comes back with his toy shop to honour Independence Day in America! From July 3rd, players could meet Sam for RS Independence Day Celebration, and obtain various items including the Sams hat, Liber tea and others.

How to join in RS Independence Day Celebration?

Sam RuneScapeTo celebrate America’s Independence Day on July 4th, there will be RuneScape Independence Day Celebration in game this year. The event runs from July 3 to July 5, 2019.
During the Independence Day Celebration, Sam RuneScape can be found west of the Cooks’ guild in Varrock. Sam returns with his toy shop with a selection of stock from Diango’s Toy Stall and the addition of a unique item called RuneScape Liber tea.
In addition, there will be balloon drops during the Independence Day Celebration. You will have a chance to get some cool rewards by popping the balloons, including RuneScape Sams hat and others.

What can you purchase from Sam RuneScape?

As what we have mentioned above, one of the items you can obtain from Sam is RuneScape Liber tea. The Liber tea will heal 300 life points and boosts Attack when drunk. It cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Here is the list of items that you can purchase from Sam RuneScape during the Independence Day Celebration:
Toy horsey (brown)
Toy horsey (black)
Toy horsey (white)
Toy horsey (grey)
Spinning plate
Toy kite
Celebration cake
Celebration candles
Bubble maker
Souvenir mug
Liber tea

Participate in RuneScape Independence Day 2019 when it starts! Moreover, you could enjoy cheap RuneScape gold from our site at any time.

The RSorder Team

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