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RS Mental Health Awareness Week Guide with Question Answers

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A time-limited charity event RS Mental Health Awareness Week has started to help raise money for partner charities. During this event, players can collect charity tokens and answer mental health-related questions for some rewards.

Participate in RS Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is a time-limited charity event running from October 7th to October 13th, 2019. During this event, you can gather RuneScape charity tokens for Laur’a, Zoed and Kat (found north of the Lumbridge Crater) for some rewards.
The Mental Health Awareness Week is hold to help raise money for RuneScape partner charities: The Prince’s Trust, CPSL Mind, and You Are RAD (Rise Above the Disorder).

Collect RuneScape charity tokens for rewards

During the Mental Health Awareness Week, RuneScape charity tokens can be obtained through any skilling activity. More charity tokens can be purchased from the event interface, and all money raised from the event will be split between the partner charities. You can hand those tokens in to the charity reps to earn progress towards the following rewards:
2,000 charity tokens – YMCA Banner, The Prince's Trust Banner and CPSL Mind Banner
4,000 charity tokens – Scoop
5,000 charity tokens – Defender’s Blade and offhand variant
7,000 charity tokens – Wand and orb of the Mind
8,500 charity tokens – Defender’s Greatblade
10,000 charity tokens – Percy
RuneScape Percy

Answer questions to gain prize each day

Each day a prize will be awarded if you answer a mental health-related question correctly from Laur’a, Zoed and Kat. Here are the questions and their answers:
How many young people do the YMCA support each year? (228000)
How many people are affected by mental health conditions each year? (1 in 4)
What percentage of young people feel lack of self-confidence…? (54%)
What percentage of those with a mental health condition…? (75%)
How long has the Prince’s Trust Youth Index been running? (9 years)
How many people per year does the work of the YMCA impact upon? (630,000)
What percentage of people have reported hearing harmful language…? (81%)
What proportion of suicides are by men? (4 in 5)
What percentage of young people feel out of control of their lives? (39%)
How many core values does CPSL Mind have? (6)
Who founded the Prince’s Trust? (Prince Charles)
What year was the Prince’s Trust founded? (1976)
In what month does “Blue Monday” fall? (January)
Who launched the “I am Whole” campaign? (Rizzle Kicks)
What percentage of young people are receiving treatment…? (25%)
How much money did the RuneScape community raise…? (£219,906)
What is the name of the CPSL Mind campaign…? (Stress Less)
What is the name of CPSL Mind suicide prevention campaign? (Stop Suicide)
What is the name of the 12 week personal development programme…? (Team Programme)
How many people took part in the Gielinorian Giving events last year? (290,683)
What date is Mental Health Awareness day? (10th October)
What was the original name of Rise Above the Disorder? (Anxiety Gaming)
What does Rise Above the Disorder do? (Provides entirely free mental health care to everyone)

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The RSorder Team

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