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RS Oddment Store Refreshed with Addition of Solite Armour & More

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Recently, the developer team has announced a plan to refresh the RS oddment store, adding a series of new prizes like Solite armour and Lunite armour and weapons, and meanwhile remove the Ninja Training and Deathbeard’s Demise. 

Brief introduction to Oddment Store

In case you don’t know, the oddments Store is an in-game shop where you can exchange oddments for useful items and cosmetics during an oddments promotion on Treasure Hunter. As for the oddments, currency used in Treasure Hunter, you can gain them when you claim prizes (each rarity gives a set of oddments) from Treasure Hunter, and store them in currency pouch.

Refreshed oddment Store with Solite armour & more

As we have said before, on Apr. 8, a couple of old items currently available in the oddment store will be removed while some new ones be added in the refreshment. Check the table below to see the detailed changes.
Items to be added in the oddment store:
Solite helm - 500 oddments
Solite chestplate - 500 oddments
Solite platelegs - 500 oddments
Solite mail gloves - 150 oddments
Solite boots - 150 oddments
Solite cape - 800 oddments
Lunite helm - 500 oddments
Lunite chestplate - 500 oddments
Lunite platelegs - 500 oddments
Lunite mail gloves - 150 oddments
Lunite boots - 150 oddments
Lunite cape - 800 oddments
Solstice Blade - 1000 oddments
Solstice Shield - 1000 oddments
Items to be removed from the oddment store:
Ninja Training 
Deathbeard’s Demise

Seems the loss Ninja Training and Deathbeard’s Demise will be perfectly balanced by the addition of Solite armour and Lunite armour and weapons, making the RS oddment store a even more attractive. Buy cheap RS gold from us if you need more TH keys to get more oddments.

The RSorder Team

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