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RS Orthen Digsite Reward Details: New Potions, Relics & More

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RS Orthen digsite has been released this month with various new contens. Here you could learn details of its rewards, including potions, skilling off-hands and Arachaeology relics.

Potions unlocked in RS Orthen digsite

In RS Orthen digsite, you can create recipes to separately unlock the following 5 potions:
1. Archaeology potion
Level: 90
Recipe: Archaeology potion recipe
Spots of the recipe: Varanusaur remains, Dragonkin reliquary
2. Summoning renewal
Level: 99
Recipe: Summoning renewal recipe
Spots of the recipe: Dragonkin coffin, Autopsy table
3. Holy aggroverload
Level: 102
Recipe: Holy aggroverload recipe
Spots of the recipe: Experiment workbench, Aughra remains
4. Powerburst of opportunity
Level: 108
Recipe: Powerburst of opportunity recipe
Spots of the recipe: Moksha device, Xolo mine
5. Spirit attraction potion
Level: 119
Recipe: Spirit attraction recipe
Spots of the recipe: Xolo remains, Saurthen debris

Skilling off-hands obtained from Orthen

There are two skilling off-hands which are obtainable through RS3 Orthen digsite:
Orthen furnace core
Artificer's measure

Arachaeology relics for RS Orthen digsite

In addition, RS Orthen dig site adds 3 new Arachaeology relics, which can be added to the mysterious monolith at the Archaeology Campus:
-Evil Bob's Catspaw
-Soma, a dragonkin delicacy which can increase your archaeological precision by +20%, while also preventing the gaining of soil when excavating.

Hope our guide can help you know more about RS Orthen digsite. Moreover, you could buy RS gold with high security from our site.

The RSorder Team

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