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RS Portable Vic the Trader Now Available for Bonus XP Exchange

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A new Portable Vic the Trader can be summoned by exchanging one Bond from April 23rd. You can exchange bonus experience for unique items from this portable trader, which offers extra credits in comparison to regular Vic the Trader.

How to summon Portable Vic the Trader?

The Portable Vic the Trader is now available until May 26, 2019. During this period, both F2P and P2P players are able to summon their own Portable Vic the Trader RS by exchanging a Bond. Once activated, the portable trader can be used for an hour.
Here are steps to summon a RS portable trader:
1. Withdraw a bond into your inventory.
2. Open the Bond interface, and locate the Portable Trader.
3. Access your inventory and click on the Trader Summoning Stone.
4. Deposit and exchange the extra bonus XP in your inventory for credits.
5. Spend credits to purchase items from RS Portable Vic the Trader, such as the prismatic lamp, dungeoneering tokens and rare item tokens.
Portable Vic the Trader RS

Comparison between regular & portable Vic the Trader

Different from regular Vic the Trader, Portable Vic the Trader RS can be spawned by players themselves with a Trader summoning stone. Portable Vic only work for the person who has summoned him; the summoner cannot use other Vics.
In comparison to Vic the Trader, the portable Vic the Trader offers extra credits when exchanging bonus experience. The portable has better XP exchange rates than regular Vic the Trader.

Items from Portable Vic the Trader RS

Prismatic star (small, medium, large and huge)
Prismatic lamp (small, medium, large and huge)
Dungeoneering tokens
Dungeoneering wildcard
Rare item tokens
Advanced pulse core

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The RSorder Team

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