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RS Powerburst of Overkill Changed to Adrenaline Renewal July 13

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This week sees the release of adjustment to RS Powerburst of Overkill. Here you could learn details of these changes and current list of Powerburst potions.

Changes to RS Powerburst of Overkill

With the update on July 13th, the Powerburst of Overkill is not a powerburst anymore, but RS Adrenaline Renewal potion. The following adjustment has been made with this change:
1. A powerburst vial is required to create RS Powerburst of Overkill before this update; after the update, there is no need to use the powerburst vial when creating the Adrenaline Renewal potion. All other ingredients and recipe improvements still remain.
2. You can also turn the Adrenaline Renewal potion into six-dose flasks.
3. After the update, drinking an Adrenaline potion will only trigger the Adrenaline cooldown. It cannot trigger the Powerburst cooldown.

List of current RS Powerburst potions

As what has been mentioned above, the Powerburst of Overkill is no longer a powerburst. Here you could learn the list of current Powerburst potions after the update:
Super Guthix rest
Adrenaline potion
Super adrenaline potion
Replenishment potion
Enhanced replenishment potion
Powerburst of masterstroke
Powerburst of vitality
Powerburst of sorcery
Powerburst of acceleration
Powerburst of feats
Adrenaline renewal potion

What do you think about these changes to RS Powerburst of Overkill? Anyway, you can find cheap RS gold with high security and fast delivery from our site.

The RSorder Team

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