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RS Sandy Clue Scroll Guide: All Solutions for Beach Event 2020

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The Sandy Clue Scroll is a special clue scroll returning for RS Beach event 2020. Here is our RS Sandy Clue Scroll guide with detailed clues and solutions.

How to obtain RS Sandy Clue Scroll?

During RS beach event 2020, you can find Reyna at the Lumbridge Crater to request a Sandy Clue Scroll until all the current trails have been completed. A new trail becomes available each day.
After completing RS Sandy Clue Scroll, you will be given a Sandy Scroll box (containing another scroll) or a Sandy Casket and red version. The normal casket can be opened immediately, and the red one will require an ice cream to open.

Details of RS Sandy Clue Scroll 2020

Here are details of RS Sandy Clues with solutions:
Free locations
1. “He's a master of smithing…I'm hidden on his anvil.”
Solution: Click "smith" on Thurgo's anvil.
2. “He's got a rebuildathon going on, and an endless stream of important visitors.”
Solution: Talk to Foreman George at the Lumbridge Crater.
3. “He's got one hat, two hat, three hat, many hats!”
Solution: Click Sheldon at the Lumbridge Crater.
4. “He's named after a boot, and carrying nets on his shoulder.”
Solution: Talk to Wellington at the Lumbridge Crater.
5. “I am buried beneath the archway…and blood is spilt.”
Solution: Dig at the entrance to the Duel Arena under the archway before the stairs.
6. “I am buried next to a tree on a shore of sand…but a bridge now has the upper hand.”
Solution: Dig between the western shore of Al Kharid and the strong tree.
7. “In a mine in the desert…I am buried where a water rune would usually lie.”
Solution: Dig on top of the water rune that is located in the Al Kharid mine.
8. “In a mine in the desert…I am hidden somewhere mysterious.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Al Kharid mining site resource dungeon.
9. “In a sandy city…this skirt seller has what you need.”
Solution: Speak to Ranael in Al Kharid.
10. “In a sandy city…someone who has time for music and lyrics.”
Solution: Speak to the musician north of the lodestone in Al Kharid.
11. “In a sandy city…salesman keeps his valuables somewhere.”
Solution: Crack the safe upstairs of Zeke's house in Al Kharid.
12. “Investigate a magical portal…home to pharaohs, factions, and phites.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Menaphos portal at the Lumbridge Crater.
13. “Investigate a magical portal…where you will see creatures you would never expect to find in Gielinor.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Anachronia portal.
14. “Investigate a magical portal…which holds a sanctum guardian who looks suspiciously like clawdia.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Aminishi portal.
15. “Investigate a magical portal…a place in the middle of the deep blue sea.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Deep Sea Fishing portal.
16. “Investigate a magical portal…a place where you can run down a hill.”
Solution: Attempt to enter the Beach ball rolling portal.
17. “Pick some coconuts that are oh so close to the stage.”
Solution: Click the palm tree south of the main stage at the Lumbridge Crater.
18. “She can be trusted, she isn't shy and she likes ducks.”
Solution: Talk to Sarah at the Lumbridge Crater.
19. “She doesn't sell sea shells, but…with the feather of fletching.”
Solution: Click Flo at the Lumbridge Crater.
20. “Something smells fishy behind a dwarf on holiday.”
Solution: Click on the table behind Nigel at the Lumbridge Crater.
21. “Some say he guards their life…watching beach balls roll around.”
Solution: Speak to the lifeguard at the north end of the beach.
22. “Some say he's got the beach…he's just excited about coconuts.”
Solution: Talk to Palmer at the Lumbridge Crater.
23. “Somewhere a dwarf looks after a pile of coconuts. Search the pile!”
Solution: Click on the pile of coconuts next to the coconut shy.
24. “Speak to a man who deals in bananas, and owns his very own pet monkey.”
Solution: Speak to Luthas in Karamja near the banana plantation.

Member locations
1. “Dig in front of the place where a guard may sell you a mystical feather.    ”
Solution: Dig in front of the entrance to the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
2. “Dig in front of the place where a Pyramid can be found sunken.”
Solution: Dig in front of the entrance to Sunken Pyramid.
3. “Dig in front of the place where a Pyramid can be plundered.”
Solution: Dig directly in front of the entrance to Klenter's Pyramid in Sophanem.
4. Dig in the bamboo prison you were kept in at Ape Atoll.
Solution: Dig anywhere in the jail cell on Ape Atoll.
5. Dig infront of Waydar's prized possession.
Solution: Dig on the west side of the gnome glider on Crash Island.
6. “I am buried in the desert…Be careful not to die.”
Solution: Dig in front of the Ripper Demon cave.
7. “I am buried upon some sand…a memorial to the god of balance.”
Solution: Dig one square north of the rose bush on the westernmost side of the Memorial to Guthix.
8. “In a town of fishing and farming…Whats under him?”
Solution: Dig under the starfish at the fishing spots in east Catherby.
9. “King Awowogei demands a banana! Bring it to him.”
Solution: Talk to King Awowogei on Ape Atoll. You need to have a banana in your inventory.
10. “Near a temple of fire, between two eastern pillars, lies what you desire.”
Solution: Outside the fire altar, dig between the two pillars east of the mysterious ruins.
11. “On top of a pyramid…I'm buried by the stairs.”
Solution: Dig on top of the Agility Pyramid.
12. “Speak to a fisherman who doesn't like whippersnappers, but loves Karambwanji.”
Solution: Talk to Lubufu in Brimhaven.
13. “Speak to the librarian who maintains the grand library.”
Solution: Talk to Kohnen the librarian in the Grand Library of Menaphos.

Hope our RS Sandy Clue Scroll 2020 guide can help you complete these clues. If you want cheap RS gold, simply come to our site and enjoy the best service.

The RSorder Team

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