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RS War's Retreat Coming with New Achievements, Auras & More

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RS War's Retreat, also called PvM Hub, has been confirmed to be released on January 27th. According to the latest official news post, some changes have been made ahead of the War's Retreat release.

Achievements & Completionist Cape requirements

There will be 4 new Achievements coming with RS War's Retreat update.
Aura Aura Aura!: unlock every aura in the War's Retreat store.
Relight My Fire: fully upgrade the campfire in War's Retreat.
To unlock the Completionist Cape, you need to complete My Last Resort: unlock the War's Retreat Teleport, a second Boss Portal, the Altar of War, and the Adrenaline Crystals.
To unlock the trimmed Completionist Cape, you need to complete the meta Achievement War, What Is It Good For? It can be received after completing other 3 Achievements.

Auras available in RS War's Retreat store

These auras will be removed from Solomon's General Store and added to the War's Retreat Reward Store:
Vampyrism Aura
Dark Magic Aura
Berserker Aura
Reckless Aura
Maniacal Aura
Any auras that you have already bought can be kept, and they will count towards the Aura Aura Aura! Achievement automatically.

Extra RS Reaper Points offered until Feb 10

From January 27th to February 10th, 50% extra Reaper Points will be offered to all completed reaper assignments. This will apply to all assignments, not just the ones you have attuned in War's Retreat portal.

What do you think about these changes to RS PvM Hub? Anyway, you could buy RS gold with fast delivery at any time.

The RSorder Team

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