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RS3 Foreshadowing Miniquest Guide: Fast Walkthrough & Rewards

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Foreshadowing RS3 has been released this week as the first miniquest in the Once Upon a Time series. Here is a guide for the Foreshadowing miniquest with fast walkthrough and rewards.

RS3 Foreshadowing miniquest walkthrough

1. To start the Foreshadowing miniquest, head to the Blue Moon Inn (north of the Varrock Lodestone) and speak to Relomia.
2. Take a drink from the bar table. Drink it and put on the party hat.
3. Choose the correct statement:
About the Elvarg Story, choose “It had one head, not three!”
About the Delrith Story, choose “It wasn't called Blacklight!”
About the Count Draynor Story, choose “It was a wooden stake.”
4. Head to Closure's office by entering the room to the right of Death.
5. Speak to Closure. Help Elvarg, Delrith and Count Draynor with their closure first.
6. Speak to Elvarg. Head to the Grand Exchange and get the Elvarg's treasure hoard by using Last Will and Testament on the banker. Then return the treasure to Elvarg.
7. Speak to Delrith. Click on the words in the right order: Carlem, Aber, Camerinthum, Purchai, Gabindo.
8. Speak to Count Draynor. Head to the kitchen in Draynor Manor, and turn off the oven. Then go back and speak to Count Draynor.
9. Speak to Closure again.
10. Go back to Blue Moon Inn and speak to Relomia.
11. Return to Closure. Miniquest complete!

Rewards gained from Foreshadowing RS3

You will gain the following rewards after completing the Foreshadowing miniquest rs3:
Medium XP lamp
Relomia's party hat cosmetic override

Hope our guide can help you complete the Foreshadowing Miniquest in RS Once Upon a Time series. Additionally, you could find cheap RS gold with high security from our site.

The RSorder Team

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