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RS3 New Interface System Alpha Arrive! Still Toil for Old Runescape Gold?

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Dear friends, have you got the RuneScape 3 New Interface System Alpha invitation? The RS3 new interface alpha servers are live today! Seize time to enjoy this new highly customisable interface now! Everyone seems enjoying the alpha, are you still toil in the old runescape, come to RSorder for cheap old runescape gold!


RS3 New Interface System Alpha Live!


1. There are two tests going on:
a. HTML5 Beta Test - Live game.
b. Interface Alpha Test - Segregated game.
Both features will eventually be incorporated into the main client and live game in RuneScape 3.

2. Selected testers and gold/silver club members got access to the new interface with an invitation email in there inbox.

3. As soon as the alpha servers are live, the players will be able to log in using their regular RuneScape account. The alpha is taking place on dedicated servers with a separated game to the live game, so you don’t need to worry about losing any of your valuable items. The New Interface System will be heavily customisable.

RS3 New Interface System Alpha

 4. The interface alpha will be running in the current java version rather than HTML5. Jagex wanted it to be a pure test of the interface under normal conditions, and thought that combining with the HTML5 beta would lead to confusing feedback.

5. Please note: the HTML5 Client Beta is separate to the Interface System Alpha. If you've been selected for that, Jagex will let you know in a separate communication.


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The RSorder Team

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