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RuneFest 2019 Theme: Coming to Dinosaur-Themed Fossil Island

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It has been officially announced that RuneFest 2019 has a theme of dinosaur-themed Fossil Island in real life. This year there will be new activities, new entertainment, and some biggest announcements from both RS and Old School RS team.

RuneFest 2019 theme: coming to Fossil Island

The theme of RuneFest event this year has been officially revealed. In the recent news post, Jagex has announced that RuneFest 2019 will be themed in accordance with the big dinosaur-themed update released this month.
In RuneFest 2019, visitors will take a dangerous journey into the unknown Fossil Island RuneScape, and have a chance to travel around a real-life slice of the island. Here is what you can look forward to:
-Talks and meetups with the Jmods
-Loads of panels
-A dedicated LAN area
-An art area for meeting the creative teams
-Skill chips
-Some big surprise announcements on the main stage, from both RuneScape team and Old School RuneScape team

Learn RuneFest 2019 date & sechedule

The 9th annual Jagex-run real-world event, RuneFest 2019, has been confirmed to start on the evening of October 4th, and the main event will take place on October 5th. This big event will still be hosted at The Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.
The Golden Gnome Awards 2019 are back on October 4th, running from 18:00 to 23:30. This annual major Oscar-like award competition held by Jagex consists of multiple categories, including videos, livestreaming, art and cosplay. Additionally, food and drink will be available onsite. There will also be an afterparty for guests when that day comes to a close.
RuneFest 2019 ticket is still on sale if you haven’t purchased one.

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The RSorder Team

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