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RuneScape Double Dragon Chests Available on TH until May 21

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This week the Treasure Hunter has introduced the return of RuneScape Double Dragon Chests, which will last until May 21. And when opening Adamant, Rune, Dragon and God chests you will be flooded with a mass of prizes. In the meantime, you can buy RS3 gold from us cheaply.

Join in Double Dragon Chests in time

If you are interested in the Treasure Hunter, you can take part in the Double Dragon Chests during the period from 00:00 on May 17 to 23:59 on May 21.

Win multiple rewards from now on

From now on, the standard chests have been replaced by dragon chests randomly, each of which will grant a prize multiplier. Please remember the following prize quantities by opening each type of chests (similar to the Dragon Chests promo):
Adamant chests: granting 2X the amount of prizes;
Rune chests: granting 3X the amount of prizes;
Dragon chests: granting 4X the amount of prizes;
God chests: granting 5X the amount of prizes.
What is more, you will also have a chance to come across double dragons chests of each above type, which will grant double the amount of normal dragon chests. And that is exactly the unique part of the promotion this week. 

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Enjoy all of them both in-game and on our site, not to mention the on-going Mental Health Awareness Week event in game this week.  

The RSorder Team 

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